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Domain Name WHOIS

Domain Names consist of letters, numbers and hyphens. Generally, and excluding TLD, domain names must have at least two characters, no concatenating hyphens (two or more), and not exceed 63 characters per level. However, requirements vary from one registry to another. Please refer to the registries for detailed requirements on allowed domain name formats.

To search for a Domain Name, enter the domain name (example: in the text box above, and hit "Search" to continue.


Internationalized Domain Names or IDN's can consist of not only numbers, hyphens and English characters, but also characters with diacritical marks.

To search for an IDN, enter the domain name in its native characters or punycode in the text box above (example: in French "é", or Punycode ""), and hit "Search" to continue.

Punycode conversion will be performed automatically.

Please note, not all TLDs support IDN.

IP Address WHOIS (IPv4 and IPv6)

To search for an IP address, enter the IP address or IP decimal (example: IP address:, IP decimal: 1208929640, or IPv6 address: 2607:f8b0:400b:80b::1012) in the text box above, and hit "Search" to continue.